Vanora Spa Solutions -DubaiSteam opens up your pores to let out the toxins and impurities. Whether you’re heading to the SPA for a steam session or you decide to hit up the steam room after the gym, there are some things you can do to maximize your time in the Steam bath to get the most for your skin. The key to improving skin health with steam is consistency. It doesn’t do much good in the long term just to go in a Steam room once in a while. To effectively improve the health of your skin, try using a steam room twice a week for 15 minutes per session.


Shower well prior to going into the steam room to remove all oil and grime from your skin, and remove all of your makeup. Avoid using lotions or creams on your skin prior to steaming. Makeup, oil and lotions will clog pores, making the steam less effective, and they may even be pushed deeper into the freshly opened pores. Keep your hair tied back as well so the oil from your hair doesn’t enter your open pores.
Enter the steam room with only a towel tied around your body. Wearing clothes or a tight bathing suit will make the steam less effective and may even cause rashes or breakouts. A loose towel is all that is needed when entering the steam room.

With 10 years of experience WMT is one of the leading provider of steam bath solutions and ideas for hotels, resorts and luxurious residential projects all over UAE.

Most of the steam baths we have commissioned are with hotels, resorts and high end residential projects with exceptional style and presence. Our aim is to design and build your steam bath to compliment your surrounding in every respect. We built our steam baths using high quality materials from well reputed suppliers of Western Europe.

We offer a full product and service provision covering:

  • Preliminary/conceptual design services
  • Detailed design studiesProject management / realization
  • Equipment supply, installation + commissioning
  • Aftersales / service

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