We specialize in Western European manufactured, Commercial as well as High end residential fitness equipment, including Cardio and Strength equipment, free weights, bars, dumbbells and all training accessories. We also offer factory trained service technicians for the support you deserve.

Our cardio equipment are designed with a focus on “tried-and-true” and ease of use. The very personalized experience delivered by our Cardio line is sure to make any fitness enthusiast nothing less than “delighted”.
Strength training is essential to overall fitness program and we offer a “broad-gauge’’ of equipment. We have designed them with special emphasis on ergonomics, durability and ease of use.

Solid Rock Series

In Bodytone’s strength series Solid Rock, our Brand is committed to a completely renovated design, where the curves and the design along with the brand green colour, have a great importance, and this brings the sporty and elegant style. The top components have been the key during the manufacturing process of these machines, using high quality SKF bearings on the handles of each machine of the series, 3M painting, and a Plate-against-plate system to ensure the strength and safety of the whole structure.

Evolution Series

The Bodytone’s strength machines series Evolution was thought for the small and medium gym, being a machine series ready to equip your gym at a low cost, without decreasing the quality of your equipment.The Vanguard Series has all necessary models for the full body training: pectoral muscles, back, shoulders and legs.

Is it possible to combine the benefits in our legs, heart and especially stress? To do this, we have created the new bike EX1, where elegance and innovation are its great potential. Indoor Cycle professional EX1. Its main feature is its transmission through Poly-V belt and mixed double function SPD pedals.
The Bodytone’s functional training cage “Cross Area” consists on different modules which can be placed the way you choose.
Get a varied number of structures and put at the user’s disposal an unlimited training resource. Prepare guided activities sessions, functional training, HIIT, use it in the room as one machine or more, and squeeze all the potential that gives you this training structure.
Within our product offering, the customer does not have to worry about anything. We help in the installation of all the equipment in your gym, and lockers and locker rooms are not going to be less. Enjoy the new design, it is noted for its strength, finishes and customization options.
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