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SPA Division

Hotel Spa design and implementation

Spa treatments became one of the major criteria for choosing a hotel, making it a attractive investment for hotel owners willing to offer additional services to their guests and to increase their revenue.

Consequently, most of luxurious hotels have a devoted area to offer spa treatments, featuring saunas, steam rooms, hammams, hot tubs, massage and relaxation areas in order to satisfy their guests. With the partnership of world-renowed architects, Wellness Master engineered and fitted-out many hotel spas that stand as testimonials to our capabilities.

What characterizes our services?

We provide turnkey hotel spa solutions that are not limited to any one service, we provide a complete study and a total package analysis  to determine client needs and requested technologies to make each project unique. We dedicate ourselves to provide exceptional solutions distinguished by high quality and longevity there by help you to be one of the reason behind your succcess.

Sauna rooms

We offer a variety of high quality saunas, ranging from most luxurious traditional Finnish saunas to standard saunas, both available in different shapes, finishes, and dimensions.
We provide tailor made solutions for pretty, functional and durable Sauna rooms, you can choose shape, heater and wood type to give a unique look for your spa, and match it with your interior decor.
Our saunas are designed and all components made in Europe and comply with all international standards.

Steam baths

A steam room is a heated room that people use for relaxation and to relieve some medical conditions. They are often found in gyms or spas. Steam room is created when a water-filled generator pumps steam into an enclosed space so there is moisture in the air when people are sitting in it.

The history of Steam baths runs from the ancient Greeks to the Romans and thereafter the Turkish steam rooms, which are still very much in obsession today. No doubt, any new spa development would be incomplete without a thermal experience through the use of steam.

At Wellness Master we create timeless Steam baths which are also functional and suiting to the overall ID finishes. Needless to say, we use only the best quality material sourced from western Europe.

Turkish & Moroccan baths

We provide engineering and fit-out services for custom made Turkish baths, more commonly known as Hammam or Moroccan bath, our engineers and interior designers will be pleased to support you create your project, ready to carefully study every aspect and coordinate all the steps to provide you with the best facility.
We specialize in creating luxury Moroccan baths for Hotels, villas, resorts and wellness centers, we are proud of creating many successful projects. 

Why not have an own Turkish bath!

Hammams or Turkish baths are not just limited to commercial wellness centers only. An increasing number of clients are willing to turn their residence bathroom into a luxurious Spa including Hammam or Turkish bath.The increasing demand for Hamam nowadays is due to its various benefits that have contributed to its popularity all around the world.

Hammams are great for overall health, skin deep cleansing, full body peeling scrubs and massage treatments, warm steam helps to open the skin pores to expel toxins and impurities, getting rid of fatigue and relieving articulations pain.Also it is “notorious” for providing a relaxing atmosphere and significantly improving physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor Hot tubs

Ready to spend delightful moments at your backyard in the company of family and friends? Wellness Master provides a wide range of great quality Hot tubs characterized by the elegant styles and innovative designs.

We have a variety of options for you to choose from Double massage system, Cromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Digital control panel, Headrest, In different colors and materials & Diverse seating options

Whirlpool baths

Whether you are looking for an oval, rectangular, round or corner whirlpool bath, we will be more than happy to provide you with the correct solution that fits your space and shape requirements.

You can find Whirlpool baths, considered the top notch bath tubs nowadays due to the in-built hydro massage system that provides a soothing sensation for body and mind. We can even create custom solutions to suite the most detailed needs and provide a unique value for our Clients.

Experience Showers

Our Experience Showers activates all the senses of the user of a wellness shower. Aromatised rain showers with light and sound effects bring you a pleasant dream world.With the push of a button, a warm tropical rain patters down onto the shower guest. An exotic aroma fills the air. Birds tweet and a warm light shines. Flashing lights and growling thunder fill the room. This is only one of many possible shower scenarios that are realisable with our product line Experience Showers.
There are nearly no limits to the fantasy and the technical possibilities available. The conceptual design of the components is organized in kits that can individually be configurated. A simple, quick and trouble-free installation is guaranteed as all components such as the controller, thermo-mixer, solenoid valves, non-return valve, aroma pump and aroma reservoir are pre-installed on a mounting board.

Ice Fountains

Forming part of a thermal suite, Ice fountain complements spa facilities that harness the wellness properties of extreme heat. Ice fountain is the ideal way to cool down and complete the relaxation process, as part of your spa experience.

During the processes of bodily stimulation accelerated with the entry of the body into the hot cabins (sauna, Turkish bath, biosauna, herbal sauna, infrared cabin, etc...), it is of fundamental importance to support the skin reaction mechanisms. The ice, rubbed over the body instead of cold water, ensures tone and shape. We, at Wellness Master brings you the best of the Ice fountains completely hassle free and with a guaranteed life.

Luxury private Spa design and implementation

Spaculture has been existing for ages by people seeking wellbeing and relaxation.
Currently the increasing interest for body care and emotional sensations has led to an increasing demand for residential spas.An increasing number of individuals are deciding to dedicate an area of their home to create their own private home spa and take advantage of its benefits to relieve from stress and fatigue.

Variety of equipment to benefit fromwithin the comfort of your own home Spa

Wellness Mater provide a variety of spa facilities like Finnish saunas, Infrared saunas, Steam rooms, Turkish baths, Moroccan hammams, Experience Showers, Whirlpools, Plunge Pools, Hot tubs and Fitness equipment.

Satisfying even the most demanding client is one of our main challenges, therefore we provide a wide range of products to meet both traditional and modern tastes, as well as custom made equipment to fit your space, specific requirements and budget.You will be able to transform even a small area of your home into a luxury wellness niche, where you can pamper yourself, relax and enjoy your time after a hard day.

We pay meticulous attention to choosing the best materials from west Europe,select for you the highest quality products that meet all international standards in every aspect.

Advantages to get a private Spa

There may be a handful of wellness centers pretty much everywhere, especially in large cities, many people still prefer a home spa, because in addition to its great benefits like relaxation, getting rid of fatigue, improving blood circulation and skin aspect, there are other reasons why one should create own wellness area:

  • Many people just prefer to maintain their privacy and may not be comfortable in public Spas.
  • After a long tiring day at work, many prefer to spend time with family and avoid driving in traffic.
  • The advantage of taking a Sauna or dipping in the hot tub to give yourself a nice total body relaxation at any time without the hassle of taking any appointment is priceless.