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Under Our Distributorship

Bodytone - Spain

Category: Cardio & Strength Equipment

Bodytone attempt to address the requirements of every athlete in their day by day training schedule, just as giving them a beat of inspiration. Regardless of whether it is in the comfort of your own home or for a commercial facility, Bodytone products are intended to make the best of your sessions. Spanish design and the best of the economic manufacturing join hands in Bodytone. We are with you and your community at each progression. Let’s begin the relationship!

Panatta - Italy

Category: Cardio & Strength Equipment

The Italian perfection! Panatta is founded on the principles of qualitative excellence. Both commercial and private individual can appreciate access to one of the world’s best range of exercise machines, be it Strength, Functional or Cardio. Anybody selecting Panatta equipment can have confidence that they have preferred for the prime, much the same as an athlete or body builder. A source of authority for technical innovation, style and feeling. Panatta offers the broadest and most advanced range of products for all the various sectors, ages, types of training and investment budgets. Feel the difference!

EOS - Germany

Category: Steam & Sauna Equipment

EOS Saunatechnik GmbH is an innovative company located in Germany’s Westerwald region. With a successful history of over 75 years, EOS has gathered a unique know-how, expertise and practical experience.
EOS design and produce a comprehensive range of sauna heaters, control units and further accessories for private and commercial use. The product range also includes hardware for infrared warming cabins, steam generators and equipment for steam rooms, as well as a wide range of additional products and accessories for modern spa and leisure facilities.

WDT - Germany

Category: Experience Shower & Dosing Systems

WDT’s way of thinking is to make better solutions through discourse and valuable conversation. The reason for the structure of our dosing systems for pools, health offices and drinking/squander water treatment is our broad expertise just as a steady trade of thoughts with our accomplices.

Our ability to grasp change and our adaptability permit us to rapidly respond to continually changing markets and clients & requests.

MSK - Germany

Category: Snow Room & Snow Shower

Snow making and Ice making engineering in its perfection, made in Black Forest, Germany. We are proud to bring you the best winter experience!
With the highest of sustainability responsibilities, MSK guarantee long life and low operating costs.

Thermory - Estonia

Category: Sauna Equipments & Accessories

Thermally modified wood process and technology is the expertise of Thermory. Using only heat and steam, we create extremely durable and climate resistant wooden decking, cladding, flooring, wall paneling and sauna products that are unrivalled in both performance and sustainability.
Their passion for wood, drive for innovation and commitment to sustainability, have created a trust that makes Thermory a leader in the market today.

D & T - Switzerland

Category: Steam Equipments & Accessories

D&T Industries Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of electrode steam humidifiers for Steam Bath Generators for use in wellness facilities. The steam bath generators from D&T industries Ltd. generate physical relaxation when steam bathing. At D&T industries Ltd. the products are developed by a team of experienced engineers. Employees with many years of experience in this speciality ensure the manufacture of extremely reliable products in traditional Swiss quality.

Cross - Germany / Turkey

Category: Treatments Beds & Accessories

With a commitment to make the best treatment tables and relaxation beds, we strive for innovation. Function, comfort and economy are the leading principles in our design thoughts. Aiming to serve the best quality Spa equipment so that both the therapist and the guest feel the bliss.

Cariitti - Finland

Category: SPA Lighting Solutions

Cariitti brings new ideas for Sauna lighting. Light can influence on atmosphere in a unique way. Warm candle light creates intimate atmosphere, whereas colourful festival lights make spectacular light shows and various experiences.
Light influences not only on sense of sight but also on instincts, moods and physical activities through hormonal organ systems.

Thorax Trainer - Denmark

Category: Fitness Equipment

Inspired by Nordic skiing ThoraxTrainerTM indoor ski machine and Nordic Full Body Training concepts are created. You will get more fit than you ever dreamed – designed to improve your strength, endurance and stability, ThoraxTrainer is suitable for both individual and group.