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Fitness Division

Wellness Master portfolio includes a wide selection of Strength training equipment in the industry, including, but not limited to selectorized, modular, plate-loaded, and free weights. The Cardio equipment beset a full line of treadmills and bikes, plus the revolutionary Arc Trainer. WMand our partners continue to introduce new products that reflect the company's heritage and commitment of the art & science of exercise.

Often copied, but never equaled: The 4 mm thick oval tube – sustainably sourced from Germany.

Our equipment are built with the highest standards of quality, functionality, safety and training comfort. The perfect biomechanics, optimal resistance curves as well as individual adjustability enables the most effective training for everyone – for every training level. From conventional plug-in weight machines to dual machines, machines for muscle sling training and machines with cable pulls, to benches, multifunctional stations and equipment, WM covers the complete range for the perfect Gym equipment. Training on plate loaded machines has long been much more than just a trend. It is a training experience that many exercisers simply do not want to do without. Plate loaded machines combine the robustness of the original dumbbell and barbell training with the training comfort and stability of equipment training. The PURE KRAFT series from gym80 includes over 40 machines – and the number is constantly growing! In addition, gym80 has won several awards with the PURE KRAFT STRONG series! These machines are equipped with a unique and patented mechanism: The Load Drop Mechanism. This can be operated by the user without changing the position. The weight moves in the direction of the rotation axis and thus decreases by about 30%. This allows for more repetitions to create maximum stimulus in the muscle. PURE KRAFT is unique and indestructible – built in the usual gym80 quality “Made in Germany”!

Professional cardio machines for Bodytone gyms: Cardiovascular activity is one of the most important exercises of physical activity. It is recommended to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day to maintain a healthy habit. Bodytone treadmills, elliptical treadmills and bicycles incorporate the latest technology to equip your professional gym.

MyBodytone offers the opportunity to live a unique experience in our cardio equipment. This application offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in different real scenarios while you train. You can visit London, Paris, Sydney or the beaches of Australia while you practice your cardio sessions. In addition, save the statistics of your training and synchronize automatically in the cloud.If you install the app on your mobile, you will have at your disposal an efficient way to register your workouts with the Home Bodytone equipment, such as the Indoor Bike DS55. Thanks to a sensor specially designed and manufactured for Bodytone, you can visualize the distance or speed in real time during your training.

The demand for functional solutions remains high, as functional exercises are now part of every workout routine. We therefore offer a wide range of functional solutions, where the main focus is on variety, quality and innovation. From equipment to single stations and large-scale installations such as the Iron Qubes, to the 80ATHLETICS series. The rigs, racks and add-ons in this series can be customized to the point where it really fits into any training area. Performance and athletic training that leaves nothing to be desired!

Our product range for the most demanding athletes. Bodytone’s Cross One range offers functional equipment for the practice of cross training, for both gyms and hotels, as well as fitness centres and sports clubs.
In addition, we offer functional training cages composed of different modules that can be put together however you choose.

Not only colors but also haptics and lasered as well as embroidered logos are part of our customization options. Whether upholstery or frames and trim, nothing comes “off the shelf” with us. There are countless color variations to discover. We make sure that your equipment park is unique! Get to know possibilities now and be inspired!

There are no limits to the creativity of our customers.Countless color variations, upholstery colors and haptics, as well as embroidered or lasered graphics or logos are just a few possibilities – because our machines can be almost completely customized.
Inform now! We make it possible!